How Can You Take Care of Yourself?

Self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. When you take care of yourself, you’re better able to take care of others. But with everything else going on in your life, it’s easy to let your own needs fall by the wayside. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 10 self-care tips to help you get started.

1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is crucial for both physical and mental health. When you don’t get enough sleep, you’re more likely to get sick, have difficulty concentrating, and feel cranky and irritable. Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep per night. If you have trouble falling or staying asleep, try establish a regular sleep routine, avoid caffeine and alcohol before bed, and create a relaxing sleep environment. Also instead of playing at the BetChan casino all night, try to allocate time during daylight, as it will help you to relax.

2. Eat healthy

Eat healthy

What you eat has a direct impact on your physical and mental health. Eating a healthy diet can help you maintain a healthy weight, have more energy, and improve your mood. Focus on incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains into your diet, and limit processed foods, sugary drinks, and red meat.

3. Exercise

Regular exercise is one of the best things you can do for your health. It can help reduce your risk of chronic diseases, improve your mental health and mood, and boost your energy levels. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week.

4. Take breaks

When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stressed, it’s important to take a break. Take a few deep breaths, step away from the situation, and give yourself some time to calm down. You can also try relaxation techniques such as meditation or yoga.

5. Connect with others

Humans are social creatures, and social interaction is crucial for our mental health. Spend time with friends and family, join a club or group, or volunteer in your community. If you’re feeling isolated or lonely, reach out to a friend or family member.

6. Do something you enjoy

Do something you enjoy

Make time for activities that make you happy. Whether it’s reading, painting, hiking, biking, or something else entirely, do something that brings joy into your life.

7. Learn to say no

It’s important to know your limits and not try to do too much. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, learn to say no. It’s okay to say no to invitations, requests, and even obligations if it means taking care of yourself.

8. Give yourself a break

No one is perfect, and it’s important to cut yourself some slack. Be patient with yourself, and don’t be too hard on yourself if you make a mistake.

9. Take care of your physical health

In addition to exercise and a healthy diet, there are other things you can do to take care of your physical health. Get regular medical and dental checkups, and take steps to prevent injuries and illness, such as wearing a seatbelt and getting vaccinated.

10. Seek professional help

If you’re struggling with a mental health issue, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Talk to your doctor, or see a therapist or counsellor. There’s no shame in getting help, and treatment can make a big difference.

Casinos to play Dragon Maiden online

Dragon Maiden is excellent to play online in the demo. The programmers use the play money version to give you a pretty good impression of what the game looks like. As soon as you have gained experience, you can play Dragon Maiden for real money. Here you have the huge advantage that your payout actually ends up in your user account.

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Dragon Maiden free

What makes the Dragon Maiden slot so extraordinary in my eyes? In the end, it’s the sum of the parts. In any case, the graphics stand out. When playing Dragon Maiden online, you immediately notice the energy the programmers put into the design. At the same time, the game mechanics are designed in a way that makes it easy for beginners to start the first spins without any training.

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This game system is unusual at first. For this reason, I like to use the play money version. And I have another reason not to start playing Dragon Maiden for real money right away. It’s easier to get over mistakes and chalk them up as valuable experience if you don’t risk your bankroll right away.

How to play the slot

Dragon Maiden slot

How does the gameplay of Dragon Maiden work? Actually, playing the game is quite simple – and getting started is certainly not a big hurdle. You just have to keep one thing in mind: Especially when playing for real money, the bankroll is important. The stake per round can be easily set with the help of two rocker switches.

You can use + and – to adjust the bet size very precisely to your bankroll. Then simply press the spin button. This is easily accessible from the game and is highlighted in colour. When the reels come to a stop, the winning opportunities are evaluated. Dragon Maiden does not use classic paylines here, but instead relies on the Megaways concept.

The bottom line is that the game works very well here. Access is deliberately kept simple, even for beginners. You can start the basic game without any previous knowledge. In addition, the special features ensure a sustained tension curve even for experienced players.

Paytable and Payout Ratio

To avoid making mistakes when playing Dragon Maiden, you need to be familiar with the game mechanics. On the other hand, the review is about illuminating all aspects of the game. This also includes a look at the winning symbols and their value. Play’n GO divides the winning symbols in terms of payout multipliers.

The typical “lucky symbols” cloverleaf, diamonds, hearts and spades have the low payout. The dragon seal, the ring or the ruby amulet are high value symbols that you have to pay special attention to when playing. They can be used to win very high winnings in the slot. In addition, the wild symbol also pays out – which is not common in video slots.

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There are a variety of platforms that allow you to play Fire & Steel online. So it’s not hard to find the Betsoft slot machine quickly. However, you don’t have to jump straight into the deep end, but can first play Fire & Steel for free at your own leisure and without any financial risk.

With the free demo version, you play under the same conditions as with real money. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the gameplay, rules and bonus features of the slot machine. It is also possible to work out a strategy or test the suitability of tricks that are offered online.

During the game, the Fire & Steel slot surprises again and again with many fantastic bonus functions plus the well-known gambling feature, which can be activated after every win. You can find out which casino also offers a great slot bonus online in our test report.

How to play the slot

Fire & Steel game

Needless to say, developer Betsoft does a great job with the graphics in all of its slot games, and Fire & Steel is no exception. Released in 2017, the slot comes with a fitting soundtrack and the swordsman and shield maiden stand ready for battle to the right and left of the reels. The dragons, on the other hand, can be seen above the reel field, which is a diamond-shaped pattern of 3-4-5-4-3 reels.

Across the reel field are 20 fixed paylines that pay in both directions, left to right and right to left. Of course, three of a kind is a must for a payout. It is up to you to decide how high the risk is.

You can place between one and five coins when playing Fire & Steel online and the coin value can be set between 0.01 and 1 euro. 

Fire & Steel pay table and payout ratio

The swordsman as well as the warrior have their very own functions in the game, as they are Expanding Wilds and trigger the Free Spins feature at the same time. While the gems are the low paying symbols, there are several other winning images such as a dagger, a book and other theme-based images that bring far more to the account.

My experience and rating

Fire & Steel wild

For King and Country – even though the machine isn’t exactly packed with bonus features, I still found that the slot offers a lot of depth – more than first expected. This is mainly due to the wild functions, which add not only variety but also excitement to the spins. Even if a spin looks like a dud at first, the lucky streak can change that, making playing Fire & Steel for real money lucrative.

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Sure, there are some other titles that have epic battles as their theme or deal with dragons, but still, this Betsoft is one of the ones you shouldn’t skip.