Casinos to play Dragon Maiden online

Dragon Maiden is excellent to play online in the demo. The programmers use the play money version to give you a pretty good impression of what the game looks like. As soon as you have gained experience, you can play Dragon Maiden for real money. Here you have the huge advantage that your payout actually ends up in your user account.

Play Dragon Maiden for free here

Dragon Maiden free

What makes the Dragon Maiden slot so extraordinary in my eyes? In the end, it’s the sum of the parts. In any case, the graphics stand out. When playing Dragon Maiden online, you immediately notice the energy the programmers put into the design. At the same time, the game mechanics are designed in a way that makes it easy for beginners to start the first spins without any training.

And you can also play the slot game for free. Background: To be able to play Dragon Maiden for free, the developers have built a demo into the game. Here, play money is available for a few minutes. This gives every slot fan the chance to test the online casino game for a few rounds without any obligation. Why this workaround to play Dragon Maiden for real money?

This game system is unusual at first. For this reason, I like to use the play money version. And I have another reason not to start playing Dragon Maiden for real money right away. It’s easier to get over mistakes and chalk them up as valuable experience if you don’t risk your bankroll right away.

How to play the slot

Dragon Maiden slot

How does the gameplay of Dragon Maiden work? Actually, playing the game is quite simple – and getting started is certainly not a big hurdle. You just have to keep one thing in mind: Especially when playing for real money, the bankroll is important. The stake per round can be easily set with the help of two rocker switches.

You can use + and – to adjust the bet size very precisely to your bankroll. Then simply press the spin button. This is easily accessible from the game and is highlighted in colour. When the reels come to a stop, the winning opportunities are evaluated. Dragon Maiden does not use classic paylines here, but instead relies on the Megaways concept.

The bottom line is that the game works very well here. Access is deliberately kept simple, even for beginners. You can start the basic game without any previous knowledge. In addition, the special features ensure a sustained tension curve even for experienced players.

Paytable and Payout Ratio

To avoid making mistakes when playing Dragon Maiden, you need to be familiar with the game mechanics. On the other hand, the review is about illuminating all aspects of the game. This also includes a look at the winning symbols and their value. Play’n GO divides the winning symbols in terms of payout multipliers.

The typical “lucky symbols” cloverleaf, diamonds, hearts and spades have the low payout. The dragon seal, the ring or the ruby amulet are high value symbols that you have to pay special attention to when playing. They can be used to win very high winnings in the slot. In addition, the wild symbol also pays out – which is not common in video slots.

Play Fire & Steel for free here.

There are a variety of platforms that allow you to play Fire & Steel online. So it’s not hard to find the Betsoft slot machine quickly. However, you don’t have to jump straight into the deep end, but can first play Fire & Steel for free at your own leisure and without any financial risk.

With the free demo version, you play under the same conditions as with real money. This allows you to familiarise yourself with the gameplay, rules and bonus features of the slot machine. It is also possible to work out a strategy or test the suitability of tricks that are offered online.

During the game, the Fire & Steel slot surprises again and again with many fantastic bonus functions plus the well-known gambling feature, which can be activated after every win. You can find out which casino also offers a great slot bonus online in our test report.

How to play the slot

Fire & Steel game

Needless to say, developer Betsoft does a great job with the graphics in all of its slot games, and Fire & Steel is no exception. Released in 2017, the slot comes with a fitting soundtrack and the swordsman and shield maiden stand ready for battle to the right and left of the reels. The dragons, on the other hand, can be seen above the reel field, which is a diamond-shaped pattern of 3-4-5-4-3 reels.

Across the reel field are 20 fixed paylines that pay in both directions, left to right and right to left. Of course, three of a kind is a must for a payout. It is up to you to decide how high the risk is.

You can place between one and five coins when playing Fire & Steel online and the coin value can be set between 0.01 and 1 euro. 

Fire & Steel pay table and payout ratio

The swordsman as well as the warrior have their very own functions in the game, as they are Expanding Wilds and trigger the Free Spins feature at the same time. While the gems are the low paying symbols, there are several other winning images such as a dagger, a book and other theme-based images that bring far more to the account.

My experience and rating

Fire & Steel wild

For King and Country – even though the machine isn’t exactly packed with bonus features, I still found that the slot offers a lot of depth – more than first expected. This is mainly due to the wild functions, which add not only variety but also excitement to the spins. Even if a spin looks like a dud at first, the lucky streak can change that, making playing Fire & Steel for real money lucrative.

These are related slots

Sure, there are some other titles that have epic battles as their theme or deal with dragons, but still, this Betsoft is one of the ones you shouldn’t skip.

The basic tactics you need to know to win at online blackjack

This game has a long list of theoretical models to learn and put into practice at the table. They consist of different ways of playing or predetermined plays depending on the situation of your hand. When it comes to applying them, you just have to know how blackjack works and never stop practising. Over time, you could become a great player. First of all, we recommend you read our guide on how to play blackjack, once you’ve read it, you can continue reading this post on the best strategies to win at blackjack!

The basic strategy

With this simple name, a theoretical model based on probabilities is presented. It focuses on indicating which decision to make based on the cards you have. Every combination is considered and, although it doesn’t always guarantee you a win, it does help you to increase your chances of winning. Moreover, you can use it in both online and land-based casinos.

The strategy is based on several rules. The first is that the minimum number of decks used is six to eight, as it would lose accuracy if there were more or less. It assumes that the dealer stands on a soft 17, that you cannot double down after a split, that you cannot split twice on the same hand, that you cannot surrender, and that the dealer is not looking for a blackjack with a ten or more.

Stand on 17 or more

Blackjack tips

It is a strategy that focuses on caution and this is a rule that seeks to do just that. If you have a hand that adds up to 17, you are likely to bust. But there are always exceptions. The dealer might spot an ace, which could be an opportunity. However, the best way to win is to play smart and not take risks when you don’t have to.

Splitting aces

As you know, the ace is the strongest card in the game. Its value is 11 points, but if there are two of them, they add up to 12. You have to avoid this figure, as it is sub-optimal from a statistical point of view. The right choice is to split the aces. 

However, in some casinos, splitting aces only gives you one additional card, which reduces your chances of getting a ten or getting close to 21. This prevents you from re-acting to improve your remaining hands. You also can’t split if you get another ace after the original one.

Splitting eights

This is a similar situation to the previous one. Both add up to 16, which is the worst possible hand in probabilistic terms. By splitting the eights, each gets a card, so two hands are created. This allows you to draw new cards, stand or fold to your advantage. You can also split a second or third time, giving you more options.

Not splitting a pair of tens

Blackjack game

The pair made up of a pair of tens is too strong to split. They both add up to 20, making it difficult for any competitor to beat your hand without taking risks. So, if you find yourself in this situation, you don’t have to do anything. You have a dominant position that is difficult to overcome, but very easy to destroy if you acquire any other card.

Looking for the dealer to pass

The dealer is obliged to call a card with 16 points or less, which gives you an advantage. This is a strategy to put into action when the dealer shows a four, five or six and you have a soft hand.

All in all, these are some basic strategies to implement in your blackjack games. To master them, you just need to practice until you memorise and fully understand them. That way, you’ll improve your game while putting the odds of winning on your side.

What are slots?

If you’re not used to the jargon of online slots you probably don’t know what the term slot means, well its meaning is ”Slots”. This word refers to the slots slots where you put your coin.

Slots are the star game both online and in person in the different gaming halls and casinos, with this type of games you will feel like a real American in Las Vegas!

Now that you know what online slots are, you just have to learn how to play these online slots.

GoldenPark’s latest online slots news

At GoldenPark we know that slots are an attraction and generate a lot of excitement. They come in different types and themes, so there’s sure to be a slot just for you, you just have to find the one you like best!

Heart of Rio

Are you a fan of exotic travel and carnival? Rio de Janeiro is waiting for you! In this online slot set in the most famous carnival in the world, you can have fun with the dancers, the samba and the incredible prizes that you can win with the combination of the different symbols of this online slot.

5 Lions Megaways

5 Lions Megaways

Have you ever dreamt of going to an oriental country? Now you can do it without leaving home! With this online slot set in oriental culture you will enjoy the good fortune of the emblematic symbol of Yin and Yang.

In this slot, the main characters are lions, in charge of protecting the temples or important entrances of oriental cities.

Have fun with the different features of this game such as the Free Game, the multipliers or the Megaways feature, dare to play!

Amazing Link Apollo

If you love anything to do with Greek mythology, this is the slot for you!

Feel the power of the Greek gods with this online slot; Amazing Link Apollo. This game features 5 reels and 20 paylines. In addition, the mix of a 96.4% RTP and medium volatility makes its payout options more than interesting with a maximum prize of 5,000 times your stake.

The Amazing Money Machine

The Amazing Money Machine is one of the latest releases from Pragmatic Play, with a steampunk theme, offering excellent graphics, exciting gameplay and three different bonuses to be won.

Amarna Miller Cleopatra

Amarna Miller Cleopatra

With this online slot you can discover the mysteries of the rooms of the ancient pyramids through Cleopatra, starring the artist and creator of digital content, Amarna Miller.

The 20 reward lines are essential to get what you need to keep on searching for your goals. With an RTP configurable from 80.01% to 95.04%, it is one of the slots considered medium volatility.

Paolo Futre Gladiator

The latest addition is a gladiator-themed online slot. Travel to the Roman coliseum with the Paolo Futre Gladiator slot. In this slot you can unlock up to 3 different mini-games to win and multiply incredible prizes. Do you dare to fight in the Roman amphitheatre?


Since the beginning of 2019, many readers have already started asking us to “communicate” our predictions through Telegram.

Recognising the strong diffusion of this platform, and given our sensitivity to the needs of our fans, we decided to create our Official Telegram Channel which you can access from here >>


You’re already in it, aren’t you? 

In this channel you will find our content related to the world of online betting: predictions, guides, tips and information on what and how to bet have been our daily bread for years.

With the creation of the Telegram Channel we have satisfied most of the people who requested telegram bets, but over time we have encountered a problem… a big problem.

Let me explain.

The main feature of our community is to be able to create a real relationship with our readers.

We have been doing this enthusiastically since 2015 through our Free Facebook Group and the weekly newsletter that we send out punctually every Sunday morning at 8:00.

(…if you want you can subscribe to the newsletter from here)

On the Facebook Group we discuss with our readers, ask questions, compare notes and, when necessary, receive criticism that allows us to grow and improve our services.


on the Telegram channel, this dialogue with our followers unfortunately did not materialise.

The reason was very simple:


This did not excite us.

We had to roll up our sleeves to find a solution to this problem!


Telegram channel

Starting in February 2020, we spent time and resources trying to figure out how to make our channel more enjoyable, exciting and above all “engaging”.

We wanted to distinguish ourselves, and stand out, within the list of telegram betting channels you can find online.

And we succeeded!


Thanks to the use of some Telegram functions that allow us to understand if our prediction or our service is appreciated or not.

Take a look at the image below.

You will see in order:

  • a poll,
  • a request for information,
  • the outcome of one of our dropping odd published on the Channel (…winning by the way).


Telegram betting

The Telegram channel had become more engaging.

This made us slightly more satisfied, but we were still not happy.

It wasn’t enough!

There was still something wrong

Yes, the Telegram channel had become more interactive, but the messages sent to our followers were in danger of getting mixed up with the hundreds of messages from other betting and odds channels.

There had to be a solution (to this too)!

We are Warriors, we set out to find it and… we found it.

ON 7 MARCH 2020, AFTER MORE THAN TWO MONTHS OF WORK, THE WARRIORS BOT WAS BORN. A unique BOT in Italy that allows users to search for all the content they need, in total autonomy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Haralabos Voulgaris, the greatest gambler in modern history says: “Never bet when you are angry”.

A player who is nervous, angry, in debt and therefore not calm is bound to lose and have problems in real life.

So before you shoot yourself some startospheric bills ask yourself:

Am I pissed off? 

Am I in a betting shop because I don’t want to hear my girlfriend’s bullshit or because I had a fight with her? 

I’ve lost my job and I’m trying to make a splash with a bet so I don’t have to think about this bad situation anymore?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, it means that you are not happy.

Use the money from those “bills” to do something else. BETTING BONUSES AND ONLINE ACCOUNTS: TWO WEAPONS FOR INTELLIGENT BETTORS

A good (… and intelligent) bettor should own at least 5 online accounts, legal and therefore authorised by the State Monopolies (AAMS).



If you have one or more online betting accounts

  • you avoid unnecessary queues at betting shops,
  • you reduce the number of errors made by staff who manually enter your bet (don’t tell me this has never happened to you, I don’t believe it!),
  • you can bet 24 hours a day and on all available events;
  • you always have the possibility to “cover” a bet and still make a profit from a previous bet.

In addition to these important advantages you can also take advantage of the Welcome Bonuses offered by the various bookmakers when you open a new account.

You can use these betting bonuses to your advantage.

You could, for example, try out a new strategy using the betting bonus that the bookmaker has made available to you.

If your predictions are successful, you can withdraw your winnings (however, I recommend that you read the terms and conditions of the various welcome bonuses, as many of them have special requirements, such as the minimum odds of the events or the number of times you can replay the bonus).

In the event that your predictions lose, you only lose the bonus and not any money. Your initial deposit will still be there, ready and available for your subsequent bets.

In the article “This month’s top 11 bonuses” you will find the bonuses we have selected this month, plus a guide to choosing the best betting bonus for your needs. 




The paper trial is used to test a gambling strategy.

It is a system that will not make you any money because you will not actually bet, but it will certainly enable you not to lose money.

The “paper trial” is carried out for a minimum period of 2 weeks. 

It consists of writing on a sheet of paper all your bets and then checking the outcome.

All this, I repeat, strictly without investing a penny!

If after a reasonable amount of time you get good results and your strategy seems to be working, you can start betting for real starting (however) with small bets.

Never risk money on an idea or a method that you have not tested first! 


Getting rich from sports betting is as likely as being struck by lightning or winning the New Year’s lottery.

If you have never gambled or are a Sunday bettor, these are the last two pieces of advice I feel like giving you: 

Never trust anyone who promises you 100% winning bets.

Always play with your head!

Join now the largest community of Aware Bettors in Italy.

Join our free Facebook Group and share your passion for football and betting with 5000 like-minded friends.


Betting is child’s play. Making a profit from a bet is something much more difficult to achieve!

If you’ve already read our guide to making winning bets, you’ll remember rule no. 6:


So here are 4 steps to follow before placing a Card Bet:



If there are very foul teams involved, it is just as likely that a number of cards will be drawn in the match;

The same could happen in top-flight matches or in matches with high stakes.

In matches like these the defenders make many tactical fouls to avoid dangerous restarts that can lead to a GOAL. For this reason, the number of penalty cards can be very high.


There are players who have a special feeling for YELLOW and RED cards. With these players on the pitch, referees always have their cards handy!

In our article on football statistics we show you where to find all the numbers you need before placing any bets.


Focusing on these statistics can prove to be the key to success.

It’s true that match officials have bad days, but usually after the first 10 to 15 days of the season, you will be able to profile the various match officials.

So look out for referees who never blow the whistle (if you’re betting on Under cards) and those who are easy on the draw (if you’re betting on Over cards).

And always remember to take a look at the under over card statistics that you can find on many free sites.

Read also: Football statistics, list of sites where to find them for free


football CARDS

The “C” factor always plays an indisputable role in every bet.


In every football match there is one individual who has an enormous influence on the final result of the match.

This is the referee.

So we should also examine the behaviour of referees before betting on CARDS? ?

The answer is only one: YES!

With his more or less severe measures, the referee has an indisputable influence on the success of the CARDS bet.

Here is a statistical excerpt highlighting the most severe referees in the 2016/2017 season:

  • Gervasoni – 19 matches directed: 100 cautions, 7 ejections,
  • Celi – 18 matches: 85 cautions, 6 sent-offs.
  • Rocchi – 18 matches: 94 cautions, 7 sent-offs.
  • Banti – 17 matches: 100 warnings, 4 sent-offs.
  • Irrati – 18 matches: 87 cautions, 3 sent-offs.
  • Massa – 17 matches: 85 cautions, 1 sent-off.
  • Rizzoli – 17 matches: 93 cautions, 10 sent off.
  • Calvarese – 16 matches: 57 cautions, 9 sent off.
  • Guida – 16 matches: 86 cautions, 6 sent off.
  • Doveri – 17 matches: 91 cautions, 6 sent off.